Royal Ark Mariners Lodge Golden Jubilee No: 148 G.L.M.M.M.I

The proportion of Craft Lodges far exceeds that of R.A.M. Lodges in Bangalore as may be also in other areas. Due to this reason only about 10 out of the 85 of the members of Lodge Sainik No.196 GLI have been invited to Mark Masonry and elevated.

After being elevated they have little opportunity to be active and serve as an officer. As one of the eligibility for being elected as Worshipful Commander Noah in Royal Ark Mariners is that he must be a Past Worshipful Master in Mark Masonry.

We of Lodge Sainik have elevated our Past Masters, Wardens & others in the ladder in from Novemebr 2014 to January 2015 at R.A.M. Lodge Star of South with the hope of consecrating a R.A.M. Lodge and petitioned for the same in January 2015.

Hence by petitioning for a new R.A.M. Lodge we had fulfilled the need to enlighten our brethren in R.A.M. Masonry and thereby achieved the wish and desire of our M.W. the Grand Master M W Bro. Vasudev J Masurekar to spread and promote the degree of Royal Ark Mariners of R.A.M.

As the Royal Ark Mariner Lodge is moored to “Mark Lodge Golden Jubilee” and as it’s formation coincides with the Golden Jubilee of The Grand Mark Lodge of India and of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India, we herewith propose that the new R.A.M. Lodge be in the name and style of "Royal Ark Mariner Lodge Golden Jubilee"

The Founder members worked as a team under the guidance of the organizing secretary and had completed all the tasks excellently within the scheduled time.

The date was 28th January 2015 and the time precisely 2.00 pm, the assembly perfect and proper, the ceremony starts with the M. W. Bro. Vasudev Jamnabihar Masurekar , the Grand Master of Mark Master Masons of India entering the hall with his consecrating team. Our mind and soul were filled with joy and honor, as we watched the consecration and constituting of the Lodge in ancient customs and traditional manner.

W.Bro.Ujjval Muralidhar Joshi was installed as Founder Commander Noah by R.W.Bro.Arvind Prasad Chitra – The Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Mark Lodge of Southern India.

Brethren as you know the degree of Royal Ark Mariners is an operative degree kindly join us and discovery its beauty.