Legend of the Banner

  • Two Masonic pillars representing those placed at the pouch way or entrance of King Solomon’s Temple.
  • On the top of the pillars is a scroll with the name of the Lodge and Number.
  • The arrangement is similar to that of the legend of King Solomon’s Temple for in strength we establish this Lodge of ours to stand firm for ever.
  • On the top of the scroll is the all seeing eye of indicating the presence of the Grand Architect of The Universe who is ever watching our actions and deeds and to whom we should pray for His benevolence in all our undertakings.
  • The pillars are on a Masonic Pavement indicating the Masonic code of conduct expected of every brother, which is the greatest ornament to any Lodge.
  • The space between the pillars and the Masonic Pavement, is divided into four quadrants by a four-pointed Blasing Star.
  • Top Left – Indian Made Vijayanta Tank of the Indian Army
  • Top Right – Indian Built Frigate Nilgiri of the Indian Navy
  • Bottom Left – Indian Built HF 24 of the Indian Air Force
  • Bottom Right – The Basavangudi Nandi of Bangalore
  • Below the Masonic pavement, are the Volumes of Sacred Law bearing the Compass and square resting on a Lotus flower with its roots in the earth with its stalk in the water and the flower in the air like the integrated purpose of the Army, Navy and Air Force. The National Flower represents the All India character of the Defence Service.
  • The sacred writings of the V.S.L are to rule and govern our faith and the Compass and Square when untied to regulate our lives and actions.
  • The Lotus, the Masonic Pavement, and Pilliars are surrounded by a wreath to denote prosperity.
  • Below the wreath are the mottos of the Lodge - Love, Service and Truth based on three grand principals of Freemasonry – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.