Freemasons Golf Society

LogoFreemasons’ Golf Society was founded by Lodge Sainik No.196 GLI in the year 2001 during the Mastership of W.Bro. Varghese Mathews Moolamannil.

Late W.Bro.Poger Krishnamurthy (W.M – 1990) had conducted golf tournaments among Freemasons of Bangalore in the latter part of 1990, he during this period proposed the idea of a society among Freemasons for Golf related activities, but unfortunately he passed away on 7th April 2000 in a tragic road accident leaving this dream behind.

The Society was registered on 14th R.W.Bro. Dr. B. Biswakumar. R.W. The Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Sothern India.

The purpose of the Society was to promote the game of Golf, and to take Freemasonry to Golfers .

We have conducted Golf Tournaments at Bangalore, Chennai, Chikmagalur, Coimbatore, ,Kolar Golf Fields, Mysore and other towns. The proceeds of these tournaments have been given to charities at the respective venues, through the Local Lodges.

The Founder Members of the Society whose signatures are registered with the Registrar of Society;

  • W.Bro.G.R.Shantaram – Founder President
  • W.Bro. Wg.Cdr R.S. Murthy - Founder Captain
  • W.Bro. Varghese Mathews Moolamannil – Founder Treasurer
  • W.Bro. S. Kuga Shankar – Founder Secretary
  • W.Bro. M.K. Chidambaranath – Founder Committee Member
  • Bro. A. Murali – Founder Committee Member
  • W.Bro. Kumar Subramanian – Founder Committee Member
  • W.Bro. S.S. Prasad – Founder Committee Member
  • W.Bro. Dr. T.V. Ramesh – Founder Committee Member