Holy Royal Arch Chapter Golden Jubilee No: 137 S G C I

The comprehensive report submitted to M E Comp.A.P.Chitra – M E the Second Regional Grand Principal of the Regional Grand Chapter of Southern India was the grounds for a discussion soon after the Regional Grand Board meeting held at Hubli in April 2013. M.E.Comp.A.P.Chitra was seeking an explanation as to why many members of our Lodge were not enlightened by the further lights in Freemasonry namely the Royal Arch Chapter.

We shared our analysis and the potential for forming a new chapter for our Bangalore area which would be a positive step towards membership growth in the Royal Arch Chapter, as emphasized by M E the First Grand Principal in his speech at the Annual Investiture Meet at Mysore.

The date for consecration was soon firmed up after many encouraging discussions with M E the Grand Superintendent of The Regional Grand Chapter of Southern India, M E Comp. Retna Raj Sushil Raj and we the founder companions commenced on the formalities for sanction and grant of the Warrant from The Supreme Grand Chapter of India.

The Founder “Z” E.Comp. Jayakar B. Malliah and the organizing Secretary E. Comp. Varghese Mathews M had worked in conformity and astonished each other in thoughts and in designs. Creativity and sharing of task being our hallmark the duties were shared and executed within time, in elegance finesse.

The date was 25th October 2013 and the time precisely 6.00 pm, the assembly perfect and proper, open which the M.E.Comp. Vasudev Jamnabihar Masurekar , ME the First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of India enters with his consecrating team. Our eyes and hearts were filled with joy and honor, as we watched the team consecrate in the ancient customs and constitute in the traditional manner this Holy Royal Arch Chapter Golden Jubilee No.137 - the 99th Royal Arch Chapter since the formation of the Supreme Grand Chapter of India.

This was our way of contributing to the celebration of the 50th year of the formation and completion of the opening of The Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of India and the Regional Grand Chapter of Southern India.

We the Three Principals were installed in reverence, grandeur and royalty by M.E. Comp. R. Sushil Raj – P.II.G.Pr., ME the Grand Superintendent of the Regional Grand Chapter of Southern India , M.E.Comp. Dr. P.K. Muthukuamaraswamy – P.II.R.G.Pr.,M.E. the Second Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of India and M.E.Comp.Srinivas Ravindra Pai – P.II.R.G.Pr., Third Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of India respectively, which shall be cherished forever.

The Crest of our Holy Royal Arch Chapter needs a special mention; it keeps with Masonic principals and is a very symbolic representation. The Crest has a 5-sided shield divided into 3 Segments and in each Segment are enclosed the Symbol of the Royal Arch, a Star with the numerals 50 and the Kempegowda Tower - the symbol of Bangalore named after the Founder of Bangalore, one in each Segment to convey the meaning : Royal Arch Chapter Golden Jubilee, Bangalore.

At the first Regular Convocation of the Chapter after the Consecration which was held on 13th December 2013, Nine Master Masons were Exalted to the Supreme Degree of Royal Arch Masons in a unique ceremony.

Companions as you know the Royal Arch Masonry is the completion of the third degree or the journey - join us in the journey and discovery.